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    The 106.1 WNGC Blog

    The 106.1 WNGC Blog

    The 106.1 WNGC Blog

    The latest in country music news and North Georgia!

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    Country Music News

    Back to School

    Back to school

    Special section: Back to school

    Check out our section for the tips, tricks and how-tos that parents of students of any age can use this school year.

    Charly's Man Candy Monday Photo Gallery

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    Luke Bryan

    Singer and songwriter Luke Bryan comes by his country influences naturally: he grew up in Leesburg, Georgia, a small town 100 miles from the Alabama border where his father grew peanuts and sold fertilizer for a living. Bryan helped his ...

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    Country stars perform at Stagecoach


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    Georgia Lottery Anniversary

    Georgia Lottery 20th Anniversary

    Celebrate 20 Years of The Georgia Lottery

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